What We Believe:

We believe in living supernaturally during these perilous times. Come and hear a word that can get you the Supernatural Help in Faith Transition that you need!

We believe that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. (II Timothy 3:16-17; I Peter 1:23-25; Hebrews 4:12)

We believe in the pre-existence, incarnation and virgin birth of Jesus Christ. (John 1:2,14; I Timothy 3:16; Acts 7:37-38)

We believe in Jesus Christ’s sinless life, miracles, substitutionary death. Bodily resurrection and His ascension into Heaven. (Philippians 2:9-10)

We believe in Christ’s bodily ascension into heaven, in His exaltation and His personal return in power and great glory. (Acts 1:11; 3:9-21; Daniel 7:14; Revelation 20:4)

We believe that repentance and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ produces the works of justification in the believer. (Romans 5:1,9; Luke 22:20)


Vision and Mission:

Our Vision: Citadel of Hope is a spiritual fortress raised up by God to facilitate spiritual renewal, discipleship, biblical stewardship, a synergy of economic and employment empowerment, holistic living through teaching, touching, and transforming disciples

Our Mission: Citadel of Hope is an Apostolic Word of Faith ministry Commissioned by the Holy Spirit to Teach generations, Touch cities and Transform disciples.